Woodworked Dissected Luffy


Sail the seas and search for the elusive One Piece with the Woodworked Dissected Luffy!

Carved out of 3 different types of wood and scrupulously put together, Woodworked Dissected Luffy is a piece of sculptural art. Stained with care to bring a splash of colour, this piece is a one-of-a-kind collectible for the most discerning fan. Together, the visual properties of black walnut, white maple, and cherry woods; along with polystone, bring the Woodworked Dissected Luffy to life, giving the piece contrast while allowing us a new take on the Captain of the Straw Hat crew.

Each piece will come with a COA that is signed and numbered.

Woodworked Dissected Luffy only ships to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Macao.

Woodworked Dissected Luffy is estimated to ship in Jan 2021.

Pending final approval. Actual product may differ slightly from photos and illustration shown.

Status: Sold out


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Artist: Jason Freeny
Name of Figure: Woodworked Dissected Luffy
Material: Black Walnut, White Maple, Cherry Wood, Polystone
Dimensions: ~10"
Edition Size: Determined by the number sold during the 24 hours
Status: Sold out