Crystalworked Popek by Whatshisname


The first-of-its-kind Crystal POPek is here.

Brilliantly cut with alternating large and small facets that increase the overall surface of the stone, Crystal POPek reflects even more light, bringing you an extraordinary sparkle. Watch the light glint and refract through POPek's clear crystal curves, a truly unique piece for fans of the iconic balloon dog. With brilliant colours sparkling around the lovable POPek, it is the perfect addition to the collection of any collector.

Each piece will come with a COA that is signed and numbered.

Orders will ship March 2021.

Decoration object. Not a toy.

Status: Sold out


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Artist: Whatshisname
Name of Figure: Crystalworked Popek by Whatshisname
Material: Crystal
Dimensions: 8"
Edition Size: Determined by the number sold during the 24 hours
Status: Sold out